Staying Safe When Racing

Safety is undoubtedly the most important thing to consider when taking up racing on a motorbike. There are plenty of opportunities for a serious crash to occur. This can be minimised, by making sure that the bike itself is appropriately maintained. The vehicle should be inspected by a qualified mechanic on a regular basis.

Sometimes, factors beyond the rider’s control can cause an accident. These scenarios cannot be prevented, but the damage caused by them can be minimised. Over the years, safety clothing and equipment for motorbike riders have been developed. It is a legal requirement for some of these items to be worn.

Safety Clothing

Helmets are the most essential item for a motorcycle racer to own. They are worn to prevent damage to the head and neck in the event of a crash. In 2016, it was estimated that they saved over 1600 lives in that year alone. The visor should give good visibility, and the helmet itself should not restrict breathing.

Hands are the most common appendage to be injured in bike accidents. This is because the rider will usually use them to protect the rest of their body. Biker gloves are made of the same thick leather as racing jackets. They contain heavy padding to help soften impacts.

Goggles shield the eyes from wind, dust and other road debris. In rural areas, bikers frequently come into high-speed contact with flying insects. Goggles prevent them from hurting the rider’s eyes. Some types also give added protection from UV rays.

Protective jackets and trousers can either come in one or two-piece versions. The traditional kind is made from durable but flexible leather. However, in recent years more effective forms of armour have been created. These are particularly effective at shielding riders from potentially life-threatening impacts.

Finally, boots are designed to stop injuries to the feet and knee area. They are usually much thicker than other protective clothing. They can prevent broken bones, abrasions, cuts and scrapes. These types of boots differ from regular, fashionable ones in their design, and the materials that they are made of.