Professional Moto Racing


Motocross is an off-road version of motorcycle racing. It has fast become one of the most popular versions of the sport. It involves enclosed circuits which are used to race laps through. Originally motocross was a variant specific to the United Kingdom. It has since spread throughout the world.

The most significant tournament is the FIM Motocross World Championship. This is a worldwide competition, which has in the past been held in Europe, the USA, Africa, Asia and Australia. Each tournament includes two races which last 30 minutes. The classes are divided into 650 cc, 450 cc and 250 cc.

Motorcycle Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is the most significant date in the motorcycle racing calendar. These are a series of road races, which are separated into three categories. Moto3 involves 250cc bikes that have single cylinder engines. Riders cannot be older than 28 to compete in this race. It is considered a good starting place for future professionals in the bigger leagues.

Moto2 is raced with 600 cc engine bikes. It was first established in 2010 as an intermediate version of the Grand Prix. For several years four-stroke engines designed by Honda were the prevalent machines to race on. However, in 2019 these are being replaced by newer ones based on Triumph designs.

The highest class of the Grand Prix is MotoGP. The riders use fast prototype bikes, which have large displacement engines. These can be as big as 1000 cc. Throughout the years the regulations have changed, to allow for even more powerful bikes to be used.


Speedway is a race that involves four to six riders at a time. They ride on an oval circuit for the duration of four laps. The bikes have just one gear and no brakes for stopping. This allows the races to be high speed, often reaching up to 70 miles per hour.

The track is usually a dirt surface or similar material. Sliding and broadsiding on this track is a typical manoeuvre in speedway. This makes it an exciting and unique variation, on more traditional forms of motorcycle racing.

It is estimated that the sport originated informally as early as the 1920s. Since then, an organisational body has established many tournaments. In Europe, there is a competition for under 19’s. There is also a world race for under 21’s. The World Cup was once the main speedway race for professionals. This was replaced in 2018 by the Speedway of Nations.