Keeping Your Bike in Tip-Top Racing Condition

Bike racing is one of the most thrilling and gratifying competitions. However, it can all turn into frustration if your bike is performing below par. Most of the time, when such a mishap happens, we think it is just a fault which came up mid-race.

However, more often than not, bikes which fail mid-race have a fault before kick-off. The heavy demands of competition only worsen the fault and cause underperformance. It is, therefore, essential to keep your bike in an excellent condition in the build-up to races.

How can you go about this, you ask?

Know Your Bike

This is the essential and seemingly most natural requirement, but you will be surprised to find that many people do not know their bikes. And this is not just for casual bike owners; it happens even among cycle racing enthusiasts.

Knowing your bike parts and how they work individually and together is very important. Since you are the primary user of the bike, you need to be in a position to detect even the smallest changes in performance. You need to be able to decipher any decline in speed, stability, changes in rev sounds and such other performance indicators.

Service Your Bike Often

This too goes without saying, but some still wait until a bike is faulty before they check it in for service. You do not have to wait until a specific mileage is reached; get your bike checked as soon as your gut tells you to do so.

Buy Genuine Spares Only

When buying spares, knockoffs are always going to tempt you. They are cheaper than genuine parts and sometimes appear more attractive. Do not be fooled! Always do your bike justice by getting the right parts. Take care to buy from an authorised dealer at all times.

Stay ready for the race with these three tips!