Ensuring Spectators’ Safety at Moto Racing Events

Spectators are an integral part of any sport. Without them, sport would not be what it is today. The same case applies to moto racing. Spectators sitting trackside, and in specially-designed vantage stands, bring a thrilling experience to the sport. Besides cheering on their favourite riders, fans also drive the popularity of the sport among lukewarm spectators.

Moto racing organisers take cognisance of this fact, and, for this reason, go to great lengths to ensure that spectators are safe from hazards – before, during, and after the races. However, spectators also have a duty to ensure that the safety measures put in place are not in vain. In this article, read about how spectators can ensure their safety during moto racing events.

Book Early, Arrive Early

This is a basic safety measure that goes largely unstated. However, it means a lot to Professional Moto Racing events. Arriving early is not just about enjoying the spectacle. It is also a key safety measure. By getting to the spectators’ stands early enough, you avoid being caught up in the mad rush for the best viewing points. Moreover, you do not collide with the race bikes on your way to the venue. This applies both to human and vehicular traffic. That way, you also protect the riders from unnecessary distractions and incidents. The essence of early booking is to enable organisers to plan in advance for the expected number of spectators.

Follow Instructions

It is a simple prescription, but it has grave safety implications. Spectators must take care during moto racing events to follow the instructions posted on race booklets and informational brochures. If a section of the track is potentially hazardous, or the weather is looking gloomy, spectators will be advised accordingly. Adhering to these instructions is for their own good, and the good of the sport.