Amateur Moto Racing

People who want to become a professional at motorcycle racing will first have to start a bit smaller. Several amateur leagues can help an aspiring racer learn and develop their essential skills. It is indeed very rare for a rider to get into the big leagues, without doing a stint in the amateur tournaments.

For this reason, it is undoubtedly a smart move to start out on a 250cc motorcycle. The smaller leagues tend to race on less powerful bikes. It can be tempting to practice on a professional model bike to get a feel for it. This is indeed worth doing later on. However, first, a would-be racer should get to grips with a bike more suited to their skill level.

Tips for Getting into the Amateur Circuit

It is definitely worth getting lessons from an instructor. Some of these people have actually raced in the past. This will give newcomers a chance to pick their brains and gain valuable advice.

One of the most important things for winning a race is staying predictable. This is a fact that amateurs can often overlook. It is the first skill they should master. In some ways, it can be more crucial than speed.

Car driving might not seem as though it translates well to bike riding, but it really does. Some of the best racers started out by learning how to drive a car down the track. It can make a biker gain more confidence, and help them develop a smoother ride.

Finally, once all the essential skills have been learnt, it is time to acquire a sponsor. These deals help amateurs get a much better racing budget. This allows them to get better equipment, and sometimes even their own staff. It is a crucial step to one day becoming a professional rider.